About us

All of our people have at least sixteen years experience in IT, dealing with all sizes of enterprise, from “one man bands” right up to global, blue-chip companies. Our skills include business analysis and project management, in addition to our core development and unit testing competencies.

Matt White

Matt is an experienced developer specialising in Java web applications and IBM Domino. He is also the XPages guru. Matt is experienced in various industries, ranging from financial services through to car manufacturing and petrochemicals. He is currently lead developer at Elguji Software LLC, creators of the idea management and innovation tools IdeaJam and IQJam.

Ben Poole

An experienced applications / web developer, Ben works with various technologies such as HTML5 (he built his first web site in 1994), node.js, Java, PHP and C#. Despite being a long-term enterprise IT veteran, Ben is still enthusiastic about technology and making it work for people. He’s worked for a Big Four accounting firm, a global insurer, an investment bank and Aunty (the BBC) amongst others. When not coding or writing about code, Ben likes to walk his dogs (three pugs, all ridiculous), and tries to stay in charge of his three sons, although nearly all are bigger than him (the sons, not the dogs).

Julian Woodward

Julian learned ‘real’ programming using C and Assembler 30 years ago. Since then he has worked with Clipper, Visual Basic, ASP, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Domino, C#, ASP.NET, Java and many other things. He now divides his time between IBM and Microsoft-based projects.

Mark Myers

Mark has been fixing major Java / Flex / IBM Collaboration, infrastructure and security issues in big companies for the last 14 years (and in smaller companies for 5 years before that). Mark hates unnecessary spending on his clients’ budgets, can act as consultant in either the development or support areas of a project, and makes for an excellent intermediary between conflicting business and IT areas.

Rob Wills

Rob is a highly experienced IBM Lotus Notes and Domino developer. Rob’s career includes managing in-house development for an engineering contract business (developing ERP and sales management applications) as well as running his own software house in India for small UK-based organisations.

Rob is now based in the UK once more, and continues to undertake specialist ERP migration work alongside other Notes and Domino projects.

Kieran Green

Kieran has worked in the IT financial sector for over twelve years, implementing enterprise-level systems based on IBM technologies. He started his programming career with the IBM iSeries for companies like ABN Amro, BNP Paribas and Ace-INA, before moving on to develop web and SOA-based applications running on IBM Websphere for the insurance and banking markets. Thus Kieran is well-placed for the the challenges of secure cross-platform and enterprise-level systems development.