Our people have worked on a number of applications for clients large and small. Some are internet-facing and some have won awards! We provide a small selection of our public applications in the “carousel” below: click any screenshot to see a larger version, with accompanying details.

(Also, take a look at our medical app case study page).

  • 08-numbers
  • 126 FC
  • Ace-INA
  • Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty
  • Bank of New York
  • BBC
  • BE Systems
  • BNP Paribas
  • BP
  • British American Tobacco
  • cyclinginstructor.com
  • EDS
  • Elguji Software
  • EPIC Aviation
  • FoCul
  • GE GCF
  • i-Sight
  • ICA.com
  • Information Security Solutions
  • Johnson Bixby & Associates
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Prudential
  • Royal Bank Of Scotland
  • Stenflo Konsult
  • Story Worldwide
  • Teamstudio
  • Turtle Partnership
  • Walking Fish
  • Wellesley Information Services
  • Willis Group
  • XL
  • IdeaJam: click for full-size
  • IQJam: click for full-size
  • DominoWiki: click for full-size
  • i-Sight: click for full-size
  • “The best example of an effective download site is that of Hyperion Records… Hyperion has figured out how to do downloads right… The site has an excellent search engine”—Macworld online review, December 2009
  • XPages 101: building upon our reputation as a world leader in XPages development, we have developed two styles of training for XPages developers: classroom-based, and on-line!
  • DUET: award-winning marine insurance policy creation for brokers
  • Unplugged Templates: We worked with Teamstudio to create a suite of templates for their Unplugged application which runs XPages applications on your mobile device

Highlights and awards


IdeaJam is the award-winning Idea Management application from Elguji Software, designed and developed by our very own Matt White. The application is very simple yet amazingly powerful in the way in which it allows and encourages a community to submit, rate and comment on ideas for many different aims. From reducing costs and overheads to designing new products, marketing strategies and improving work environments, companies which have implemented IdeaJam have made amazing savings.

IdeaJam has won two Lotus Awards, been a finalist three times and also won an IBM Beacon Award.


DUET, a self-service marine insurance policy system for brokers, was a finalist in the British Insurance Awards, 2007. DUET is the first application of its kind, offering brokers the ability to quote on marine insurance risks. These quotes can be converted into full policies, and users can download automatically-generated PDF policy documentation.


xpages101.net: building upon our reputation as a world leader in XPages development, we have developed two styles of training for XPages developers. Our classroom course has been designed to get you or your team up and running in a day. You won’t know everything about XPages but you’ll get a huge leg-up on your introduction to this technology.

We offer the same course, and more, as a series of online videos with full supporting material. In addition, we add a new video lesson every week to the site, each one covering a new aspect of XPages development.

Hyperion Records

Described as “Britain’s brightest record label”, award-winning Hyperion Records has an online offering to match, with thousands of classical recordings for sale in a richly informative, useful and gimmick-free web site.

OpenNTF projects

Both eTimesheets and DominoWiki come from the London Developer Co-op stable, open-source projects currently available for download at OpenNTF.

Unplugged Custom Controls Library is a mobile controls for XPages project which we help run. You can see the Github project as well