Over the years we’ve done a few presentations, written a few nuggets of code. This page consolidates the most recent of these ’n’ bobs for your perusing and downloading pleasure.

  1. The slide deck and associated files from Mark and Julian Robichaux’s Lotusphere 2012 session: 4.8MB PDF of the presentation and 700 KB zip of the files.
  2. Matt is our most prolific presenter. You can see all his presentations on his site, and there are heaps!
  3. Mark and Ben presented at UKLUG 2009, and we have a site dedicated to this presentation (with downloadable code): A Muppet’s guide to “Smartr” Domino applications.
  4. Then there’s Mark and Ben’s ILUG 2008 presentation, hand-out and demo code—A Muppet’s guide to using Eclipse in Domino, or, Take my web service… please!—also available for download (395Kb, zipped).
  5. Want some wallpaper? We have wallpaper for your computers, oh yes
  6. If you like our t-shirts when you see us at conferences (and everyone does), you will love our Zazzle store. Lots of designs there, and always more arriving…
  7. Finally, if you’re a coder, be sure to check out Welcome to XPages101, the freebie intro to the best XPages developer training out there.